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MARK 6 - It's not what you have to offer, it's who you offer it to

· Mark

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to offer? Like nothing you can do can make a difference?

Jesus’ disciples certainly felt that way that Jesus taught 5,000 people and then turned to them and expected them to feed a multitude. “We can’t do it!” they replied, “I would take months to earn enough!”

But Jesus tells them to find whatever food they can. We know from the Gospel of John that one boy came forward and offered his lunch - five loaves of bread and a couple fish. Unlike the disciples, this boy didn’t worry about how far his food would go. Instead, he just offered what he had to Jesus, and Jesus turned it into a miracle.

You may feel like you have nothing to offer God - after all, how could my meager talents or yours make any real change in the world? But what we forget is that the question isn’t what WE can do with our talents, but what HE can.

What can you put into the Lord’s hands? What do you have to offer? How can you let Jesus change the world through you today?

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