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MARK 5 - Signs worth following

· Mark

In the Gospel of John, the miracles of Jesus are referred to as "signs." That term is useful, as it reminds us that the "wonders" that Jesus performed were not merely intended to amaze. Like any good sign, they point to a truth beyond themselves.

Jesus’ "signs" are meant to teach us about what sort of Savior He is. When He heals a blind man, He is showing us not just that He intends to heal one person of physical blindness, but that He came to heal us all from our inability to see the truth.

The same applies to the healings performed in Mark 5, in which Jesus raises a girl from the dead and cleanses a man of a multitude of demons. Jesus is showing His disciples, both then and now, that He came to claim victory over the forces of evil and even over death itself. Through what Christ has done for us, death should no longer hold any terror for us, because for us death is merely the means by which He calls us home again.

What is it that you fear? Today, lay those fears at Jesus’ feet. Acknowledge that He has given you victory over them.

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