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MARK 15 - Who put Jesus on the cross?

· Mark

I’m reluctant to add much commentary to this passage - it really speaks for itself. If you do not find this affecting, nothing I say is likely to change that.

I will add one brief note however. There is occasionally debate in the larger culture about who should get the “blame” for Jesus’ death. Some want to point the finger at the Jewish religious leaders, others at the Romans, some find some other group.

There is an established, Christian answer to this question of “Who is to blame?” The answer is “We are.” Our sin put Jesus on the cross - mine, yours, our parents, our siblings, Pilate, the Romans, the Jews, the cashier at the grocery store. We all put Him there - He went to pay the price we couldn’t pay, to take the punishment we could not survive. He hung on that cross to save us, to forgive us, to be with us.

This chapter is the center around which our entire faith turns - this ultimate demonstration of God’s love.

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