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MARK 14 - To err is discipleship

· Mark

Mark 14 is dense with famous, influential stories. The Last Supper, The Garden of Gethsemane, Judas’ Betrayal, Jesus Anointed… all of these are fitting subject for entire sermons.

But what stands out to me is Peter. Peter the brave, Peter the Bold. Peter throughout the gospels is so eager to prove himself worthy and to show that he is the leader. Finally, he gets what he wanted - or at least, thought he wanted - a chance to stand up for his faith! Demonstrate his courage! Prove once and for all what a good disciple he truly is!

...And he fails. Utterly, completely, and publicly. When the moment came, he slunk off in a corner and pretended that his master, his best friend, his messiah was a stranger. Little better than Judas the betrayer, Peter slinks off to hide and cry.

We have all been where Peter was. We have all disgraced ourselves, given into temptation, and abandoned our principles. We have all felt like there’s no point in going on. Maybe you are there right now. If so, it may help to remember that Peter’s story doesn’t end there. Peter is forgiven; he grows and learns from his mistake and eventually becomes the man he aspired to be, with God’s help. You can do the same. There is no sin your master won’t forgive, if only you’ll come back and ask.

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