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ESTHER 8 - God in control

· Esther

With Haman dead, it was now time to save God’s people from destruction. Esther brings in Mordecai - who in many ways is the true mastermind of the book of Esther - to help undo the damage that Haman had begun. Though they were not able to revoke a law sealed by the King’s ring, they could give their people a fighting chance. Mordecai writes an order allowing the Jews to defend themselves, and to seize the property of anyone who attacked them. While he couldn’t prevent an attack, he could stop it from being a massacre.

The rest was in the Lord’s hands.

That phrase can seem ominous to us at times. Even those of us who know better struggle to find comfort rather than dread at those words. The reason is simple - saying that something is in the Lord’s hands means that, necessary, they are not in our hands. “God is in control” implies that we have lost control.

It is common knowledge that people are more frightened of flying in commercial airlines than they are driving a car themselves. This is despite the fact that, mile for mile, airliners are nineteen times safer than driving. But no matter how often I read that statistic, I still have to take a few deep breaths as we come in for a landing. No matter how capable the pilot or safe the plane, the reality is that I am not in control, and that causes me anxiety far in excess of the actual danger.

I have the same difficulty trusting my life to God’s tender care that I do entrusting it to Southwest Airlines. No matter how many times the Lord leads me safely through catastrophe - often a catastrophe of my own making - I still feel reluctant to turn control over to Him. Though I know I am safer in His hands, I struggle with the urge to do things my way, to take the reins and steer, even if I have no clue where I am going.

Esther and Mordecai’s story reminds us that God safeguards His people, and that we can trust Him to lead us safely home.

Do you struggle to trust God to be in control? Do you find yourself driving into the ditch because you insisted on taking the wheel? Are you addicted to control?

Ask God to help you to trust and depend on Him. Confess the truth to Him - that you are not sufficient, that you need His help. Ask Him for the faith you need to turn your life over to Him.

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