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COLOSSIANS 1 - Reconciliation

· Colossians

Paul jumps straight into the next section of his outline: the Theological section. As a reminder, the Theological section is where Paul teaches his audience something about God and who He is. This is the “meat” of the book - it's where we come to understand God, His plan, salvation or some other part of our faith.

Paul’s lesson in Colossians is all about Christ. Verses 15-20 are in the form of a poem - or possibly a hymn. This hymn makes it clear that Jesus is at the center of everything. He is the reason the universe was made, because He was the one who made it all. Jesus is the one who keeps the world spinning - who maintains and preserves it. He is the one who saved it, or as Paul puts it, the one through whom God “reconciled to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross.” (Col. 1:20 ESV)

And then Paul stops talking about the universe and looks directly at the camera - at you and me. This Christ who is Creator of the Universe, Firstborn over the Dead, and the Fullness of God made Flesh - He died for you. He died so that you could stand in His presence. He died so that you could be reconciled to Him.

We don’t use that word “reconciled” very often in everyday conversation. Usually that term is used to describe people who have separated or gotten a divorce, but later work out their differences and become a loving family again. I think that’s a great illustration of what Paul is saying happened between us and God through Jesus’ death. We were enemies of God (v.21), we had rebelled, stormed out of the house and set out on our own, like the prodigal son from Jesus’ story. But God didn’t give up on us. Instead He came into the world, let Himself be killed by His own rebellious creatures so that we could come back home again.

And Paul is saying that Jesus didn’t just do that for “HUMANITY” - He did it for you. He, the being beyond the cosmos, the Master of Time and Space endured that humiliation so that you and He could have a relationship again and in the hope that you would join Him in the family business.

How is that going? Has the relationship been restored? Or are you still having fits of rebellion? Maybe you’re hiding little sins here and there where you think they won’t be noticed? Still trying to get away spending as little time and energy on the relationship as possible without causing offense?

If so, today might be a great day to “come clean” with Him about what’s been going on. He has done His part to repair the relationship between the two of you. Make sure you’re doing yours as well.

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